Sunday, October 15, 2006

The fair is over and gone...

...but that means I have time to post!

The fair was a riot, really fun; I'll post photos soon! (Like, for example, when I get somewhere, such as a certain house, to get the cables! It's sort of hard to do it without proper equipment!) So, ergo, I post photos later. But there will be many. A great many!! A great, great, great many!!! Because I, Cosima of Mexico, Dreaming-Cat-369 and RulerOfTheCosmos*, Discovered...
the great...

Bogglefish! Worship me!
Bogglefish: Can't. Am boggling at seaweed. Very urgent.
Shoot. What are you good for?
Bogglefish: Boggling, duh.
Darn it! That's obvious! And I'm being random!! And the bogglefish sounds like a teenager!!*** noooooo....

Oh well. All's well. But darn it, I have school tommorow! With Escolta!! At least it's cooling down... So no more looking like you just came out of the shower WITH your 100% polyester (the people who introduced El Uniforme and my school to polyester are EVIL!!) uniform ON just for EXISTING!! Sweat and summer are EVIL!! ****

I forgot what I was trying to say, so I'm publishing this.*****

*Reading too much Jonothan Stroud does this to me. I'm amassing all my names to see if I can rival Bartimaeus. (fyi, I don't think so.) You, Unfortunate Reader, get caught in the cross-fire. Bang! B-bang! Bang bang!

**It's a bit like AV, actually. I have a Canon PowerShot A60, in case you were wondering.

***No offense to teenager. I'm talking stereotypes here!

****Rose (observes drily): You are calling a lot of things evil. Remember, your BIRTHDAY is in August! (Leo, like Harry Potter) Is your birthday evil? Not to mention the longest vacation both you and your parents get the WHOLE YEAR?!?!
Cosima: (amiably) Oh, be quiet and enjoy the show.
Dreaming-Cat-369: Anyway, you didn't mention sweat and it would be OUR birthday, OUR vacation, and OUR parents-- we are RulerOfTheCosmos' personality's facets!!
Rose: Are you OBSESSED?
Dreaming-Cat-369: Hey, bud, I'M the WRITER here!
RulerOfTheCosmos: SHUT. UP. EVERYONE!!!!!!!!
Bima: Tee hee, that's funny, you're telling yourself to shut up!
RulerOfTheCosmos: What did I say?
Crekman: Beats me, were you not listening either?

*****Rose: (cackling nastily) Her train of thought de-railed, was abducted by Vogons, was blown up, was wanted a piece of, was turned into a towel, was summoned by accident, almost killed, dropped down a dark hole, and lost it's temper when a man it was quietly trying to kill decide to join in. It then returned in the form of a beard, a cat puked on it, a dog ate it, and her mom threw it out. Needless to say, it was a little bit lost.
Crekman: Hey, I'm dominant today!
Dreaming-Cat-369: OUR train of thought, OUR mom, one of OUR three cats, one of OUR three dogs, and I thought I was dominant today!
Rose: Let's ask Ruler.
RulerOfTheCosmos: I dunno, you guys sort it out!
Bima: Tee hee, you're telling yourself to sort it out...
Ruler: I'm fed up with you.
Bima: Tee hee--
Holliann: D'arvit!! Deja vu!!
Ruler: I'm publishing this. Maybe then I'll get some peace.
Crekman: Peace? Us? As if!
Holliann: D'arvit!
Bima: Don't curse.
Holliann: But-but it's in Gnommish!
Bima: ...So?
Ruler: Holli, I'm saving your skin and publishing this. I hope you're happy-- you owe me a favor!
Bima: Tee hee--
Ruler: I don't want to hear it.
Crekman: You sound like mom.
Dreaming-Cat-369: Hey, that's not a word! and it would be I am driving me nuts!!
Bima: Tee hee--
Crekman: While she's busy screaming--
Dreaming-Cat-369: You mean, while I'M busy screaming.
Bima: Tee hee!
Ruler: I am so SICK OF YOU!

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