Saturday, January 20, 2007

Rain. Dany's cooking class. More rain. Buena Vida, is the name. Mud. Clear skies. Bad roads. Iguanas. What next?


It's been cloudy and hazy and everything for the last two weeks, but today, you can see the sky and a lot of it! I'm getting ahead of meself though...
  • Last two weeks: Cloudy, hazy, drizzly.

  • Thursday: The head chef of the Hotel California, Dany Lamote's cooking class debuts with delicious results. Some of the leftovers were in Dad and I's breakfast frittata, in fact.

  • Friday: Most sane people don't go to school due to rain - who's going to walk through soup? Rain continues nostop through day. I have to put my backpack in a plastic bag to put it in the back of Dad's pickup.
    Dad and I get a pizza to go at Buena Vida, which is what the name of Jessie's place turned out to be. The atmosphere was wonderful and many people were sheltering from the cold water sprinkling, bucketing or dripping down, and the sticky mud rising up. Even the Copes were there, because Michael* would get rained on while he cooked at La Copa - wait, I didn't tell you about that either? Gods above and below! Well, he's cooking at the La Copa wine bar Wednesday Thursday and Friday.

  • Saturday - in other words, today -: Clear skies! Dios mio, really? I thought it would never happen!
    The problem is, the water wore holes in
    -Paved roads
    -Dirt roads
    so there's potholes, potholes EVERYWHERE. I am NOT KIDDING.

  • Also at La Iguana there's reggae(-ton? I'm not sure) music on Friday and Norte~no (there's supposed to be an ~ n there but I'm to lazy to open up Word and type one and paste it in and deal with the attached annoying tags) (northern) music on Saturday. I have yet to go :(.

*Does the name sound farmiliar? He's the author of Howard and Michael and a great cook and painter. (He may sound farmiliar for other reasons if you are Pat or Lane Cope or Eric Ochoa, etc. I'm just listing a couple reasons!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

14 days yet more pizza. From the creators of Le Tre Galline, comes ANOTHER PIZZA PLACE!!

Sorry, I don't know the name.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

I really am sorry I haven't posted in so long! Well, so this is the up-to-dateness:

Christmas, as seen from Boxing Day.

Bye-bye, 2007.

So. Well. News.

Pizza pizza pizza is the news! We went from none to a ton... wait did I cover that already? Anyway here are the people with zee pizza:
Il Giaridini
An Italian restauraunt with not just pizza, but really good pasta, and salads, and...

Jessie's Place
Face it, I'm not sure if that's the real name. But hey, Dad says they're good (I haven't been there :( ) and that the pizzas are the perfect size for one person. More on them once I go there.

The Sandbar
has all-you-can-eat pizza on Wednesdays - not that convinient if you're a light eater, but if you are the whole H familly (five people, three of whom are boys in between the ages of eleven and eighteen) and me after a day at the beach (they're in Pescadero, so they're good if you're coming back from a nice long day at Cerritos) (i. e., five or six pieces each ;) ). Also the ambiance is nice.
In conclusion, this is pretty darn cool that we have all this pizza - and as long as we're talking about food, Suki's is OPEN! Yay! Korean food! Yay!