Saturday, October 21, 2006

Boy oh boy do I have a LOT to say!
  • The furniture store by Miguel's Restauraunt has actual furniture in it! Who would've thought?
  • There is a Hot Dog Cartel Conspiracy! They all raise their prices at the same time, darnit! The price went up by 20%!
  • They are doing all the crossrocks in red rock. That is all well and good, but it is driving the grownups (some of them) nuts because the main drag is all ripped up! At least they have to be done by monday, because... (*whispers* I gave you a segue there. Worship me, bogglefish of the world!)
  • Monday is the Big Big Day of Official Pueblo Magico-ness!! The Guv'nor is coming to inagurate the whatnot and TS gets to be a Pueblo Magico! As long as they don't give us long dumb skirts that you can't kick in without showing your knickers, I'm happy with it.
  • The road to Las Tunas may have seen a road grater (holy day!) or at least a front-end loader; aka, there are not bumps so horrible that my head bangs on the ceiling. Good.
  • It was getting colder (at last!!!!) but then it started getting warmer, and now I can't wear pants any more! No fair!
  • I have a username on Mugglenet chat: Dragon-Cat.

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