Sunday, February 11, 2007

last night

Last night was the last night of the Todos Santos Art Festival Number Ten but I didn't go.

Also The Bulldozer has been painted, pale pale blue with a scene of waving desert grass on the blade and pale purple mountains on the sides. It was painted by Michelle, creatoress of the cows in party hats.


sophia said...

Hi...The Bulldozer? Haha, reminds me off something from The Frasier Crane Show (it's Canadian)

I came across your blog randomly..good job!

CosimaCat said...

The Bulldozer is an abandoned, rather rusted - you guessed it - bulldozer out in the edges of Las Tunas or whatever comes after Las Tunas, there are so many colonias in this town I can't keep track of them. It's a landmark, for example if you're trying to tell someone how to get to your house or that great beach or that place where the sunset is so nice, Cosima, you really should get your dad to take you out there to photograph it... They say, turn left/right at The Bulldozer, go a block past The Bulldozer, my house is that big purple one on the right turn before The Bulldozer... etcetera, etcetera.