Friday, February 02, 2007


Do I have a lot to tell you? I suppose I must, mustn't I? For some reason I can't remember any of it.

Sure, El C is out online and in paper. We got the shipment at 5:30 am today. But I know that there must be something else important or at least interesting, but I can't think of what. Oh well.

I'm at Galeria On-ce, in dad's office, as I am quite a lot. The sky is clear, though it was raining raining raining for, approximately, most of the time my grandmother was here.

And then it stopped.

Because this blog is supposed to be news I don't feel like I can post what I please, but, oh well, I suppose I am, anyway, right now.

So. How was that?

Well. This is awkward.

So I'm just going to post this already.

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