Sunday, February 11, 2007

last night

Last night was the last night of the Todos Santos Art Festival Number Ten but I didn't go.

Also The Bulldozer has been painted, pale pale blue with a scene of waving desert grass on the blade and pale purple mountains on the sides. It was painted by Michelle, creatoress of the cows in party hats.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

all or nothing

Tre Galline's pizza place is open.


On the night of the 3rd, of the first day of the Todos Santos Art Festival (number 10! Can you believe it? It's been around almost as long as I have!) a lady who calls herself Estrella sang. She - well, if you're used to live people and kids trying desperately to shove their cell phones close enough to get a piece, a tiny piece, of this wonderful young lady with the nice voice to keep for ever and ever on their memory card, then to you she'd be nothing special, but. Wow.
When someone asked someone else who she was, the other person replied that "she's, oh, popular, but not very popular, not too popular in the Capital and the Mainland, they can't get anyone really big to come out here, you know." Well, their loss.
This continues the tradition of bringing down a singer for the festival. I wonder who it will be next year?...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

today is the day of the day of the day of the first day of the art festival

Swarms and flocks and gaggles of tourists are, well, swarming and flocking and gaggling to ts and taking all the parking spaces (will it ever end!) to see the art festival, which is very nice, yes, 3rd-10th, but might not be quite what they expected. How we love to startle tourists... The town is a very nice town, don't get me wrong, but some (no naming names. No blaming blames. The world isn't a perfect place though.) come here, sometimes from the Cabos, and they're like, "what!" because it's not every now and then a mexican, you see it's every now and then a us person and not just mexicans in white coats serving them, real mexicans, real people, and then you realize it's not a game and it wasn't built up just for you and swept clean just for you and if you try to make a difference we'll laugh behind our hands at the silly, silly doogooder gringo and life will just continue on the way it always was, there will just be one more thing for all the people with cell phones to gossip about, because they were here before you heard of them, of us, and we're staying, but you probably aren't, you aren't Todos Santos material.

But we are, or we were stuck here because we were brought down as minors, or we're in the school system and gossiping behind our wide-eyed stares at the newest gringo trying to explain to the teachers that in the US... In the US! How we've grown accustomed to hating those words, we "ex-pats" and the children that tagged along with them and were grudgingly accepted - it means that not in a million years will you be Todos Santos material, because you won't let go. You have to abandon your news or you're stuck crying like a fallen baby bird, "home, home!" only you're saying "in the US, in the US...". And none of us are listening.

I'm off to the art festival now.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Do I have a lot to tell you? I suppose I must, mustn't I? For some reason I can't remember any of it.

Sure, El C is out online and in paper. We got the shipment at 5:30 am today. But I know that there must be something else important or at least interesting, but I can't think of what. Oh well.

I'm at Galeria On-ce, in dad's office, as I am quite a lot. The sky is clear, though it was raining raining raining for, approximately, most of the time my grandmother was here.

And then it stopped.

Because this blog is supposed to be news I don't feel like I can post what I please, but, oh well, I suppose I am, anyway, right now.

So. How was that?

Well. This is awkward.

So I'm just going to post this already.